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A) Grow Rich, or B) Stay Poor
There Is No Option C)...


Dear Friend,

The truth is certainly stranger than fiction isn't it?

I mean..

Haven't you wondered why some men grow rich so fast - while others stand still?

Surely, you're aware of the fact that the wealthiest people aren't always the most educated, the hardest working, or even the smartest?

Isn't it puzzling as to how a person can struggle, strive, work and wish for money...and still not have a much as they want and need?

Trust me, I've been there, and I've experienced it firsthand.

And if you’re beginning to wonder why, you're still not rich despite all your best efforts, then I've got great news for you.

You see...

I know exactly what’s missing, why you’re struggling, and most importantly…what to do about it.

Sounds like a tall claim?

Well, before your mind clamps shut like a steel trap, you may want to suspend your disbelief long enough to allow the sheer 'possibility' of it happening.


Who Am I And Why Should You Believe A Word I Say When It Comes To Wealth

My name is Fabian Lim.

Just a few years ago, I was about as UN-rich as a person could get.

It’s something I rarely talk about…

It’s a secret that most people don’t want aired…like their dirty laundry.

But for you to fully understand the power of the information I am about to reveal…

I’m left with no choice other than to pull back the curtain…

…and crack open a window into my private life.

The truth is, I was retrenched from my high paying position as a management consultant. 

And when I first heard the news, I was nearly in tears.

I had great aspirations for living a better life, but I didn't have the slightest clue how to get it, and this sudden turn of events certainly wasn't helpful. 

Fast forward till today, I'm a millionaire many, many times over, living a life of luxury equipped with the ability to "give back" that few people can imagine.

But guess what?

This isn't some made up rags-to-riches fantasy that I simply conjured up in my mind.

It's the actual reality that I wake up to everyday, which can and should be your reality too.


What Made The Difference?


It was a stunning discovery that I made in the second chapter of an old little green book called "The Science Of Getting Rich".

And we're not talking about some sort of 'feel good' type of inspiration here.

I'm talking about the foundation of income.

The place where it all comes from, and most importantly how YOU can gain access to that place.



Get this:


What exactly was Wallace D.Wattles talking about?

Was there truly a 'certain way' that anyone could follow and get rich without fail?

A flame had been lit inside my mind that refused to be put out.

I read that book, or at least part of it everyday for the next 3 months, letting the message sink deep into my soul.

I finally knew…

I was not destined for failure.

I was not one of the so-called "unlucky" ones.

The universe was not plotting against me…I could still get everything I wanted out of life!

That was the start of my true success...

I started focusing on forming the foundation that I would build all my future success on.

That little green book opened up a whole new world for me.

My eyes were now wide-open to see and create new opportunities in all aspects of my life.

I was no longer self-sabotaging my success…my future.

I no longer lacked drive…focus.

I was once again filled with inspiration.

But it was also something more...

...a set of other "secrets" that I've uncovered, refined, expanded and - over a period for many years, shaped into an organized system for money and wealth creation.

And with your permission, I'd like to share them with you.



The Science of Getting Rich 'LIVE' in Phnom Phenh, Cambodia

Date: 23 June (Sunday) 2019, 9am to 7pm

Venue: Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC)
Street 598, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Presenting Your Speaker for this Event

Fabian Lim 
(Author, Science of Getting Rich DECODED)

Fabian Lim is a serial online entrepreneur with over 15 years of digital marketing experience. He is one of Asia’s foremost Omni-Channel Digital Marketing experts, having trained over 10,000 practitioners over the past 10 years worldwide.

He is currently Founder of Digital Marketing Consultancy ClickMedia Pte Ltd and Founder & Group CEO of - Southeast Asia’s Number #1 Mobile Marketplace for Home & Services. From Sept 2017 to Jan 2019, he led Yellow Pages Singapore on a digital transformation journey as Chief Executive Officer. In fact in just 8 months, he turned Yellow Pages from a traditional print publisher into a profitable digitally transformed organisation.

Fabian has traveled extensively and been invited to speak on stages along side other esteemed entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Chris Gardner (Author of Pursuit of Happyness), Adam Khoo, Joey Yap and many others.

Previously a manager with global management consultancy, Deloitte, Fabian turned full-time online entrepreneur in 2003. Other businesses founded by Fabian include,, Singapore’s first private flight school and Pte Ltd, an e-commerce related company focusing on e-commerce marketing and management. 

Fabian has been extensively featured in top news media and publications such as The Sunday Times, The Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times Razor TV, The Star, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao,, My Paper, UWeekly, The Peak Magazine, Jet Gala Magazine, Exquisite Magazine, Utusan, Faces Magazine, Personal Money Magazine, NTV7 and 8TV.


Let's get something clear.

Now we may differ greatly in terms of the specifics of our financial goals, our "what constitutes as enough" number, our aspirations and our material preferences, but nevertheless, I think you’ll agree, the overall position that I’ve created for myself is pretty desirable by most standards.

And if that appeals to you, how much would you cheerfully pay a magic genie to put you in that position tomorrow?

Clearly, $100,000 would not be unreasonable.

But those who are obviously not in the know will focus on cost, not worth.

Of course, since the only way you can possibly be reading this is either through my personal invitation or through a select partner, I'm sure you KNOW better.

Considering all the profound life-changing benefits you're about to enjoy, I SHOULD charge you at least $997 -- or more.

But for the moment, I've decided that this program should practically cost you NOTHING, because this program was designed to put MORE money in your wallet, not empty your wallet,

Coupled with the fact that I don't actually need your money, all the odds are stacked in your favor.

So you'll get to enjoy everything we've talked about for a mere pittance only $997, NO, just $20!

How's that in exchange for information that could potentially feed you for your entire life?

You see, wealthy people know they need to maximise their time. Every decision they make is often after much careful consideration. 

They don't get controlled.

Instead, they decide that they need this and they go for it.


I sincerely hope you do the right thing for yourself and secure your seat. Now.

Absorb everything you learn like a sponge. Soak it up. Use it.

And then note how much your income increases.

You'll begin to see small changes, at first.

Maybe a new deal will come through.
Maybe you'll get a call from an old client.
Maybe you'll just see your income increase.

But you will see something - I guarantee it!

And this goes beyond a guarantee. It's a promise.

In fact...


This Information Isn't Available
Anywhere Else...

For the most part, I’ve kept what I know about this and what I do in this area, private.

Of course, I’ve been known to “leak” a few bits and pieces here and there, but I’ve never actually laid it out ALL my "foundational blocks" of financial freedom at one time, in one place, integrated together, as I do with some of my other entrepreneurial topics.

For the first time, I tackled this, and it’s now yours for the asking.

Suffice to say, when you have a deep understanding of these "building blocks", I wouldn't be surprised if you can at least equal my accomplishments or even surpass them.

At the end of the day, our common goal is total financial liberty, and here's how I personally see and live it:

More than enough assets and liquidity so you need never do a lick of work again if you don't want to.

Being able to indulge in your passions with or without being compensated monetarily, and feeling totally at ease when it comes to saying no to opportunities, jobs, etc. that you have no interest in.

Dealing only with people you want to deal with.

Not needing to care what anyone thinks of you.

Living a lifestyle by design, not default.

Being able to financially fuel any charity, non-profit or political cause of your choice.

Feeling free from any form of pressure other than self-imposed pressure to achieve goals of your own volition

If this resonates with you, then you simply must join me at this live-changing event.

Because you've already made it this far, you can only justify NOT taking action if you can honestly say that you are already financially free.


The Science Of Getting Rich Live Cambodia

Date: 23 June 2019, 9am to 7pm

Venue: Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC)
Street 598, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Secure Your Seat NOW

Payment Options: 
VIP Ticket (USD19.95) - Bonus: Autographed Book 
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This a one-time window of opportunity like none other.

And the best time to act is NOW!

You decide.


Yours In Prosperity,

Fabian Lim

P.S. In just 30 days from now, you could be nothing more than 30 days older, or you can finally free yourself from fears and past failures that have held you back and join me in experiencing how life is supposed to be lived: feeling the excitement of being in control...moving down the path in your life that feels right...with life getting better and better each day. The choice is yours.